What Does It Take To Create An Innovative Organization?

We are the partner you have been looking for, with the knowledge, experience and capabilities to go beyond simply running events with short term results. By helping people and organizations gain greater insights into how they prefer to think, learn and communicate, we enable them to harness the power of their thinking for improved productivity, creativity and fulfillment.

Peer Synergy Group has the expertise to support the wide range of strategies needed to develop and implement the five key strategies required by innovative organizations.

These five key strategies are:

  • Developing Creative People
  • Defining Organisational Purpose
  • Generating and Implementing Ideas
  • Showing and Gaining Commitment
  • Providing On-going Support


Creative Problem Solving - the Whole Brain Way (CPS)

This highly interactive, experiential workshop is designed for individuals and teams who wish to develop skills in Whole Brained Creative Problem Solving. Based on the Whole Brain model and incorporating the powerful HBDI™ (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument), this cutting edge workshop will fill your tool kit with not one, but several, highly effective CPS tools.

The HBDI™ approach to Creativity and Problem Solving has been featured in Harvard Business Review as well as in the HBR's CD-Rom "Creativity and Innovation." CPS is a popular and successful workshop and has been embraced by Shell Oil as part of their Corporate University offerings for nearly a decade. Other powerful organizations that have successfully used the CPS learnings include Boeing, NAVICP, GE, Lockheed Martin, the US Postal Service and Procter & Gamble. This energizing, invigorating program is now available to YOU and your organization!

Whole Brain Technology

Is your organization ready to increase its bottom-line results, individual & team effectiveness, productivity, communication and thrive on creativity that will keep you light years ahead of your competition? The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI™) is the tool that will help you develop world class Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Personal Growth & Innovation that will guarantee your success.

Ways to bring this powerful tool into your organization:

  • Custom Workshops
  • The Business of Thinking™
  • Consulting and Coaching
Make the HBDI™ part of your training & development!


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The HBDI™ is the instrument of choice for IBM’s new, global and highly successful Basic Blue Management Program.